Map catalogue coastal portal

The maps and data that are accessible via the Coastal Portal are also available as services via the catalogue of the underlying map server GeoServer. This is an open-source software server that allows users to categorize, modify, and share spatial data in various open standard formats. 

To publish the spatial data, Geoserver uses the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Web Map Service (WMS) Interface Standard. This is an HTTP interface with which map products from different geospatial databases can be retrieved. Such a query of the database, or 'request', is compiled by means of a URL. It defines the geographical layers and the desired area to be retrieved. The result, or 'response', that results from this is one or more map layers that can be displayed in a browser application. The format in which these maps are delivered can also be defined in the URL, as can various other settings and parameters. 

The catalogue with almost 900 maps can be searched using keywords, such as 'coastal portal' for all spatial data used within this website. For each map layer a preview can be viewed in OpenLayers, KML or GML format. In addition, each layer can be downloaded in the following formats.

  WMS-Service       WFS-Service  
AtomPub GIF GeoRSS   CSV GML2 GML3.1
GeoTiff Geotiff 8-bits JPEG   GML3.2 GeoJSON KML
JPEG-PNG KML (compressed) KML (network link)   Shapefile    
KML (plain) OpenLayers PDF        
PNG PNG 8bit SVG        
Tiff Tiff 8-bits UTFGrid        


The catalogue can be found via this link.


Download open (meta-)data

The data and metadata of various maps that are visualized on this website via the geoviewer are available for download. This can be done by using the  icon at the desired layer in the geoviewer catalogue. This will cause a pop-up to appear with a short abstract of the layer in question, as well as two hyperlinks to retrieve the metadata and the map data. 

The Coastal Portal collects and visualizes data from various sources, agencies and institutes. As far as possible, attempts are made to work with open data, i.e. data that is freely available and can therefore also be queried and downloaded by users of the portal. This is already the case for several sources, but not yet for all the data shown on this website. Some datasets can only be queried after approval of the data owner or the original data provider. For this purpose, a short abstract with source is provided for each map layer or dataset on this website. For example, if the data is not publicly available on this website, a user can always find the owner or data provider to request the dataset in question.